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Zeolites are stones of healing and spirituality that are excellent tools for cleansing energy and physical spaces. Connect to the crown chakra during meditation with your chosen Zeolite to access divine wisdom and adorn your sacred space with these special, naturally beautiful crystals.

You will receive the one Zeolite Green Apophyllite Flower Stilbite Specimen as pictured size approximately 165 x 155mm, 1.148g. This is an exquisite, ultra high-grade, showcase crystal that features a creamy Stilbite base studded with rainbow filled Green Apophyllite flower sprays. Take a you revel in its beauty. 

This Zeolite displays beautifully lying down on its base or on a clear acrylic stand (supplied). The delicate flower clusters of Green Apophyllite look gorgeous on the aesthetically pleasing round Stilbite base. I have professionally and lovingly cleaned this Zeolite so it is pristine clean and energetically ready for its forever home. A spectacular, larger, investment grade raw mineral specimen that will make a treasured addition to your home or sacred space.

Apophyllite is a high-vibration crystal that soothes anxiety and is a powerful, yet gentle stone to use in stressful times. An ideal meditation stone, Green Apophyllite harmonizes with Earth energy. It has calming and grounding qualities making it an ideal crystal ally to use when greater connection to nature is needed.

Use Green Apophyllite to nourish the soul and balance the mind and body. Green Apophyllite is suitable to use with crown, heart and third eye chakras. Apophyllite amplifies and brings light to physical spaces by purifying the energy. Place in rooms to boost serenity and happiness in the home.

Stilbite has a calming, soothing energy. It is associated with emotional well-being and fostering a heart-mind bond that transcends the ego, making it ideal for healing emotional wounds and opening the heart to whispers of the soul.

Stilbite is typically found in clusters along with Apophyllite, a cleansing crystal that draws away negativity and encourages authenticity and honesty.

Please handle with care as raw specimens are fragile and may have sharper edges than polished specimens.