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Yellow Opal is a lucky, stabilizing stone of happiness and creativity. It serves to remind us to be positive and enjoy the pleasures of life.

You will receive one Yellow Opal Tumbled Stone Small Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 20-30mm, 5-8g. This rare, high-grade African Yellow Opal is semi-translucent to opaque with mellow-golden yellow colour. Minimal surface grooves and dendritic inclusions are present. It was difficult to acquire pieces without holes and this collection represents the very best of the tumbled Yellow Opal that was gathered consciously for you over an extended period of time.

Use Yellow Opal with the solar plexus chakra to breakthrough limiting self-beliefs and to realise your full potential. There is no time like the present to authentically shine as the real you and Yellow Opal is the crystal ally that can help you to truly blossom and smile.