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Vivianite is a rare, blue-green mineral in rock and crystalline form. In Australia, Vivianite is found at Demons Bluff in Anglesea, Victoria. The nodules are collected from the shoreline as ocean tumbled stones and when cut and/or polished reveal the natural blue-green patterning that makes Vivianite so incredibly beautiful.

You will receive one Vivianite Raw Natural Stone Nodule from the lots pictured size approximately:

X-Jumbo: 47-52mm, 60-68g
Jumbo: 45-50mm, 51-57g
XXL: 44-50mm, 40-48g
XL: 35-37mm, 24-34g

These raw natural Vivianite noduless were hand collected from the Demon's Bluff shoreline and their textured exterior is untouched displaying a smoothed, lattice or bubbled surface that is characteristic of unpolished Vivianite. Each nodule is unique and has an organic shape. 

You may see a blue tinge in the rock and wetting with water will darken and temporarily enhance the natural stone colour (as seen in the first product photograph taken right after the nodules had been cleaned). Rubbing the nodule with a fractionated coconut oil (or similar oil that won't go rancid) may enhance the natural stone colour for longer as it won't evaporate as fast as water.

Overall these are rare and special Australian mineral specimens worthy of any sacred space and crystal practice. The product listing photographs show the various sizes available. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below. 

In colour theory we know that blue and green should never be seen unless there’s a colour in between. However, with Vivianite these two colours harmonise perfectly together and it is this attractive pairing that will draw you towards this stone over and over.

Known as a soothing stone for stress relief, Vivianite has a calming energy that washes away tension and negativity and helps to relieve burnout. Vivianite has an intriguing, mystical energy that is both revitalising and restorative.

Use Vivianite to encourage positive, heartfelt communication that flows with ease and without misinterpretation. 

In crystalline form, Vivianite is an exceptionally soft gem which is why you don’t see it used in jewellery. Like the crystal which is found colourless and then colour changes with light exposure, polished Vivianite stone may darken with prolonged light exposure and therefore, is not recommended to be kept in direct sunlight.