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Thulite is Pink Zoisite, a rare pink or reddish Manganese-rich Epidote. Thulite’s nurturing, gentle and loving energy helps to bring harmony and support to the inner self and inner child. Thulite restores emotional wellbeing, elevates perspective and fosters affection, kindness, pleasure, joy, empathy and generosity.

You will receive one Thulite Tumbled Stone Medium-Large AAA from the lot pictured size approximately 23-29mm, 13-17g. This is an incredible quality of Thulite with deep rose pink colour. Choose your preferred crystal via the options menu below. 

Suitable for the heart, throat and lower chakras, Thulite encourages articulacy and confidence making it an ideal stone for leaders, creatives and those wishing to bring unity, deeper connection and reconciliation to relationships. When feeling unclear on life’s path, use Thulite as a crystal ally for alignment and guidance to elevate you to your highest potential and embrace new beginnings. As a stone that fosters stamina and endurance, Thulite helps to overcome anxiety relating to performance and communication obstacles.