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Tanzanite is an extremely rare indigo blue-violet crystal found only in Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant Tanzanian volcano and the highest African mountain (and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world).

A crystal of transformation, energetic creation, regeneration and flow, the blue-violet flame of Tanzanite facilitates wish fulfilment, peace, light, hope, prosperity, grounding and oneness.

You will receive one Tanzanite Raw Natural Stone XS-S Pack from the lot as pictured size approximately 5-10mm, 0.36-3.1g crystals. Each 5g / 25 carat pack contains 2-4 pieces of Tanzanite and is measured by weight with a random selection of different sized crystals (this means the stone number could vary). This pack is not customisable and the minerals available in this lot have a mix of natural Tanzanite colour tones.

Use the rare alchemical properties of Tanzanite for inspiration, growth, strength, protection and to energize and prepare for deep spiritual reflection. Tanzanite is an excellent crystal ally for blossoming long held dreams into realization.