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Sunstone is revered for its bright orange colour and vibrant, revitalizing attributes that are known to shift melancholy to jubilant joie de vivre! It is this enthusiast ‘joy for living’ qualities that Sunstone brings though motivation, vitality and sun energy warmth.

You will receive one Sunstone Tumbled Stone Medium from the lot pictured size approximately 18-28mm, 6-8.7g. This Indian Sunstone features patches of radiant gem Sunstone in matrix that is polished smooth into organic shapes whilst retaining natural texture and minor grooves here and there. Each premium grade Sunstone crystal was chosen for the attractive orange flash with minimal black inclusions.

Being a high-energy crystal, Sunstone lifts the spirits toward optimism and self-empowerment and helps to overcome pessimism. Sunstone reminds us to be inspired and seek out opportunities because the reality is there is no time like the present to get moving on what is important to us.

Use Sunstone to deepen your awareness, heighten intuition and overcome self-doubt and procrastination. Sunstone’s healing energy will boost your confidence and help you to tap into your creativity and limitless capacity to consciously expand.

This is an excellent stone for personal power and spiritual growth and calling joy into your life. It may be used for leadership and nurturing the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.