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Sulphur Quartz is a combination of Clear Quartz and Sulfur which forms a pale yellow crystal that is an energetic crystalline source for change. Enhancing the amplification and programmable properties of Clear Quartz with Sulphur makes Sulphur Quartz a high-vibrational tool for personal power and transformation.

You will receive one Sulphur Quartz Tumbled Stone Small from the lot pictured size approximately 19-24mm, 6-8g.

Clear Quartz connects and harmonizes all chakras making it a universal healer plus the addition of Sulphur brings extra healing to the Solar Plexus chakra.

Since quartz is a silicate mineral which amplifies energy, keep it away from sources of electromagnetic radiation like computers.

Please note, this lot of Sulphur Quartz is odourless. You should never soak or use Sulphur Quartz directly in crystal elixirs or drinking water. Wash hands after use.