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Smoky Quartz excels in dissipating negativity and overcoming negative emotions. The natural earthy brown tint of Smoky Quartz offers grounding, protective and balancing qualities. Smoky Quartz is energetically stabilising and supports the base chakra.

You will receive the one Smoky Quartz Raw Point Natural Wand Jumbo as pictured size approximately 140 x 36 x 31mm, 243g. This unpolished Brazilian point / wand has a tabby-style tip, all-natural unpolished sides and several faces on the tip are gently polished with a few remaining raw. There is a small area at the base of the wand that shows a sparkly elestial Jacare-esque formation. A key shape crosses the base and this makes a comfortable holding spot to rest your fingers. There is an additional groove from where another crystal once rested against this point which also displays sparkles on two of the main sides. Overall, a must-have addition to a crystal practitioner's toolkit or collection. 

Smoky Quartz is known as a stone to repel ill-fortune and interestingly, was used as a guardian for protection against unwanted human or paranormal contact.