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Silver Leaf Jasper is easily identifiable with its naturally forming, large-scale, spotted leaf-like patterning and sophisticated tones of black and grey. Overall, Jasper is an excellent crystal to use when grounding is required. With the Silver Leaf Jasper variety, it additionally promotes balance, willpower and mindful intention.

You will receive one Silver Leaf Jasper Tumbled Stone XL from the lot pictured size approximately 30mm.

Interestingly, Jasper is derived from the Greek word 'iaspis' which means spotted stone. As an opaque chalcedony, Silver Leaf Jasper is typically found with the solid black and grey colours.

Sometimes, an equally striking blend of the two colours occurs with additional chatoyancy and traces of yellow or red veined inclusions. I am pleased to offer both styles in this attractive lot which are full of stabilizing energy.

The generous sizing and affordable price makes Silver Leaf Jasper a highly practical and long-serving crystal ally for your healing needs.