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Scolecite is a high vibration white zeolite crystal which is known as a spiritual transformation stone. Scolecite in it's polished form, displays patterns that relate to its natural bladed form. When polished, Scolecite can also show internal luminosity and chatoyancy.

You will receive the one Scolecite Polished Crystal Sphere Grade A pictured size approximately 56mm, 198g. This premium Indian Scolecite features areas of sheen and chatoyancy when rotated, natural patterns (including an area with cloud-like blooms) and all over consistent white colour. Offering multiple viewing points, this Scolecite sphere will be a calming presence in any sacred space and is provided with a ring stand for immediate placement and enjoyment.

Use Scolecite when you want to enhance spiritual communication, raise your vibration or in times when deep inner peace is desired. Scolecite is suitable to use at the Third Eye and Crown chakras.