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Rhodochrosite is a pale to rose pink banded Manganese carbonate crystal that is universally beloved for its potent heart nurturing energy. A fundamental stone for self-love, Rhodochrosite teaches us that compassion and kindness is essential for our own self-worth. In holding this loving mindset for ourselves, we become receptive to attracting and receiving love and that we are worthy of it.

You will receive one Rhodochrosite Tumbled Stone Large Grade A-AA from the lot pictured size approximately 24-36mm, 14.2-18.6g. This Argentinian Rhodochrosite is a combination of gemmy banded rose pink with subtle glittery pops, random Pyrite speckles and little matrix. These Rhodochrosite tumbled stones have been hand-finished to bring out the best features of this attractive mineral. Whilst the stones are nice and smooth, there are occasional variances in the finished polish with texture, minor natural grooves and pits. Please zoom in on the product photographs for a closer look. Each stone is unique and overall this is an excellent opportunity to add the much loved Rhodochrosite to your collection and crystal practices.

Channelling light and healing energy throughout the chakras, Rhodochrosite unblocks and facilitates flow, opening our heart’s capacity to selflessly give love. It brings emotional comfort following loss or heartbreak.

Rhodochrosite resonates with the heart and solar plexus chakras, offering gentle reassurance that self-awareness is to be gained from painful events, revealing a more balanced, resilient and stronger you.

As you hold Rhodochrosite in your hand or against the heart, remember you are someone who has limitless capacity for love. If you are feeling unloved, are an abuse survivor or struggle to express emotion or desire, use Rhodochrosite to bring its earthy, high-vibrational loving energy and lightness to your life.