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Rainforest Jasper aka Rhyolite is an earthy, motivational stone that nurtures the creative muse by diminishing self-doubt which undermines creativity and idea flow. Working with Rainforest Jasper promotes confidence and reminds us to pursue our desires and dreams with passion and commitment – and to do this in a balanced, joyful way that supports uninhibited creative self-expression.

You will receive one Rainforest Jasper Rhyolite Tumbled Stone Medium from the lot pictured size approximately 25-26mm, 10-14g.

When you’re feeling stuck, energetically depleted, burnt out or over-worked, Rainforest Jasper may also help you to avoid procrastination and refocus your energies towards a fresh perspective, self-love, replenishment and strength.

Use Rainforest Jasper for mindfulness and for reconnection with nature and the Earth’s grounding energy. Spend time aligning with your Rainforest Jasper for emotional and spiritual renewal and overall wellbeing.

Rhyolites form from rhyolitic lava and can be plain, banded or patterned with green, brown, orange, cream and red.

Interestingly, during solidification, trapped gas bubbles from lava flow create pockets in Rhyolite which may be filled by other minerals. This creates unique orbicular markings long with small pits or vugs which are natural characteristics of the stone.