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Rutilated Quartz is an earthy, high vibration crystal that amplifies thought and is an excellent manifestation stone. It is known to be beneficial for spiritual growth and an overall efficient harmonising stone.

You will receive one x 150g pack of Quartz Rutilated Gold Mix Tumbled Stone XS Chips from the lot pictured - average stone size approximately 3-10mm (approximately 85-90 stones per pack).

This is a budget friendly beginner grade of Gold Rutile Quartz with a mixture of clear and opaque quartz plus crystals with varying gold rutile inclusions. The finish is a textured polish - please zoom in on the product photograph for a closer look. This mix is based on weight and is randomly scooped and bagged. It is not available for customization.

Crystal mini chips and extra small tumbled pieces of crystal are typically byproducts of the rock tumbling process. Crystal mini chips are much smaller than standard tumbled stones and are more like grains. Please check the sizing and product photograph.

The protective, needle-like strands of titanium dioxide or Rutile embedded in either clear or smoky quartz harmonize the soul star, stellar gateway, and all chakras with the aura. It is said these gold, silver, copper or bronzed strands resemble angel hair and that Rutilated Quartz radiates with cosmic light and creative power.

Typically black needles are Tourmaline and green needles are Epidote.

Use Rutiled Quartz to draw away negative energy in a chakra sweep. If you are dealing with anxiety or depression, Rutilated Quartz may help to heal the past and reveal deeper causes of angst and melancholy.