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Purple Flower Jasper is a natural lilac-purple stone that offers a stabilising presence during meditation and spiritual work. Like all Jasper, Purple Flower Jasper’s nurturing qualities make it an ideal crystal ally for attuning to your higher self and sense of purpose while remaining present and grounded.

You will receive one Purple Flower Jasper Tumbled Stone Large EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 22-28mm, 15-19g. This hard-to-find extra quality Purple Flower Jasper is a powerhouse crystal of its own merit. The colour combination is similar to the ultra rare Kammererite and with cross-over characteristics, is a sweet alternative stone at an affordable price.

Use Purple Flower Jasper for fostering serenity, wholeness, self-love and deepening moments of reflection and spiritual connection. When seeking protection and support during crown chakra activation, this stabilising stone encourages alignment, spiritual awakening, and developing intuition and psychic abilities. An excellent tool for overcoming fear, soothing anxiety and promoting emotional wellbeing, Purple Flower Jasper’s calming energy helps to alleviate stress and bring joy and peace of mind.