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Porcelain Jasper, also known as Exotic Jasper, is a grounding, calming stone that brings peace and emotional well-being. A naturally patterned stone with colours ranging from plum, cream, charcoal, pink, purple and lavender, Porcelain Jasper offers a steady, stabilizing and regenerative properties for overall health and wellness.

You will receive one Porcelain Jasper Tumbled Stone Medium-Large from the lot pictured size approximately 25-29mm, 12-15g. These stones feature natural swirls and patterns that blend together so beautifully.

Porcelain Jasper has an earthy and protective energy that shields against negativity. It supports the heart chakra by opening the heart to universal love.

Porcelain Jasper is an excellent stone for those prone to stress or anxiety as it may help to clear unwanted thought patterns and worry.