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Polychrome Desert Jasper is an earthy, stabilising and supportive stone. The colours of Polychrome Desert Jasper include rich earth and desert tones including forest green, burnt orange, musky pink, lilac, rust, cream, brown and ochre. These colours are often found melding together in an artistic kaleidoscope courtesy of Mother Nature herself along with the ancient wisdom of the precious land from which they formed.

You will receive one Polychrome Desert Jasper Polished Stone Pebble from the lot pictured size approximately as follows:

#1 - 71 x 42 x 45mm 219g
#2 - 70 x 58 x 25mm 186g
#3 - 68 x 52 x 33mm 178g
#4 - 60 x 40 x 40mm 156g
#5 - 55 x 55 x 30mm 146g
#6 - 65 x 55 x 15mm 113g

These chunky, Madagascan Polychrome Desert Jasper pebbles feature natural earthy colours and patterning. No two are alike!

Use Polychrome Desert Jasper for inner-peace, grounding and fostering a deeper connection to Earth. Ideal for supporting and balancing the base chakra, Polychrome Jasper anchors us to sense of security, safety and belonging.

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