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Petrified Wood is a fossilised wood typically consisting of jasper or chalcedony and sometimes opal. It has a diverse colour palette of brown, black, rusty red tones, yellow, cream, green and even pink.

You will receive one rare Pink Petrified Wood Tumbled Stone Large from the lot pictured size approximately 22-30mm, 16-19g. These calming Grade A+ stones have a luscious all-over dusty pink colour and are excellent for heart chakra activation, compassion, earth connection and wisdom.

Petrified Wood holds the grounding, stable energy of ancient earth and is desirable for its natural beauty and patterning that may reveal its origins from a time long forgotten.

Interestingly, Petrified Wood isn't simply wood that has turned to stone during its fossilisation. It has gone through a process of pseudomorphosis, meaning the organic components of the wood such as its shape and structural elements remain preserved. Sourced: Arizona, U.S.A.