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Pink Opal is a gentle, soothing and emotionally healing pink crystal. It can be used when deeper emotional connection and balance is needed and helps open the heart to love. Tuning into the emotions with Pink Opal can bring serenity, particularly when issues relating to the heart cause anxiety and stress.

You will receive one Pink Opal Tumbled Stone Medium-Large EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 22-30mm, 9-13g. This is an extra quality grade of Pink Opal that is polished smooth and is in pretty shades of pale pink. 

Use Peruvian Pink Opal to dissipate and resolve emotional issues. If you hold deep and unresolved feelings of hurt, remorse, disappointment or loneliness – work with the comforting qualities of Pink Opal to unblock and heal the heart chakra.

By directing non-judgemental and loving energy towards these feelings and leading with compassion and self-love we can begin to heal and bring hope, contentment to the forefront of our lives.

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Ferguson
Medium to large pink opal tumbled stone

Really happy with the look of the stones, in appearance they are as pictured on the listing, stone size was a little confusing, there was only a small difference between medium to large and large, pricing for the 2 sizes was different. However, the stones themselves are really very pretty and we’re as shown in appearance. Would purchase again from this store.

Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your positive review and feedback. I’m happy you like the look of the stones! I understand what you mean regarding the stone size. To clarify, we currently stock Rose Pink Opal and an Extra Quality Grade Pink Opal. All the stones you ordered were from listings of medium-large sized crystals from both aforementioned types. The Rose Pink Opal is typically more naturally textured and is a less polished / shaped crystal compared to the Extra Quality Grade Pink Opal which is a higher grade stone and thus is a higher priced crystal. Offering different grades and varieties of minerals gives more choice to suit different needs and budgets however I can appreciate subtle differences may not always be apparent, particularly when these stones may vary in density and size. For example, the other large sized stones ordered were heavier minerals which is why there may not have been much difference in size compared to the Opal. Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts and I do hope this provides further insight. I look forward to welcoming you back to the shop. :)
xo Janelle