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Phosphosiderite is a rare lilac-purple crystal that is an iron phosphate mineral. Also known as the Orchid Stone, Phosphosiderite is a potent heart nurturing crystal for spiritual development and accessing higher states of consciousness. It is an opaque stone which may display natural veined inclusions of mustard coloured Cacoxenite.

You will receive one Phosphosiderite Tumbled Stone Medium Grade AA from the lot pictured, size approximately 23-29mm, 10-13g.

As a stone of self-love, insight, joy and empowerment, Phosphosiderite opens the heart chakra while activating upper chakras crown and soul star for spiritual connection and access to past life knowledge. The gentle grounding energy of Phosphosiderite can help to unravel stagnant energy held from old karmic stories that may be holding us back. Phosphosiderite is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation and for Priestesses and those who seek clarity and deeper connection to their higher self and ancestry. This crystal exudes love and gives a sense of hope and limitless possibilities.