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Peanut Wood is a rare, brown Australian Petrified Wood filled with white-cream, peanut-shaped Mookaite. It is a calming, stabilizing, protective combination stone of deep spiritual connection and transformation that soothes past life trauma and associated emotional distress. Peanut Wood’s earthy, grounding qualities are useful for past life exploration and understanding your soul’s core in the present.

You will receive the one Peanut Wood Raw Polished Crystal Slab as pictured size approximately 80.7 x 117.8mm (2.9-9.7mm thickness), 102g. This stunning Australian Peanut Wood slab originates from Western Australia. It is cut and polished one side and features a textured, raw reverse side. The tapered slab retains a natural, rough edge. Please zoom in on the product photograph for a closer look. This is a rare and fragile mineral specimen for the discerning collector and crystal enthusiast that will be supplied with an acrylic display stand for immediate placement and enjoyment.

While the early Cretaceous period began 120 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous period in Windalia Radiolarite (Gascoyne, Western Australia, 70 million years ago), Araucaria podocarp driftwood sank in ancient shallow seabeds where bivalve shipworms known as Teredos bored peanut-shaped holes.

As the wood sunk to the muddy ocean floor from all the holes, these borings then filled with radiolarian sediment which over time during the petrification process lithified into the Chalcedony we know as Mookaite.

Use Peanut Wood with the base chakra and to foster a positive, limitless mindset, particularly in stressful times, when life feels overly complicated and change and abundance seems difficult and out of reach. Peanut Wood reminds us to trust in the natural, evolving cycles of life, death and rebirth.