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Olive-Green Opal is a cleansing, soothing and restorative crystal for the heart. Olive-Green Opal (also known as Green Opal or Olive Opal) helps to purify stagnant energies and overcome past relationship trauma. It is beneficial stone for revitalising and enhancing relationships and rejuvenating one’s outlook on life.

You will receive one Olive-Green Opal Polished Crystal Pebble Large-XL from the lot pictured size approximately 40-52 x 25-35 x 12-26mm, 26.8-44g. This lot of Madagascan Olive-Green Opal is bright and features natural speckles and brown inclusions and all are polished smooth into palm stone sized oval pebbles. 

Use the nurturing and stabilising qualities of Olive-Green Opal for emotional wellbeing, stress relief, meditation, resilience and change. Suitable for the heart chakra, Olive-Green encourages love, positivity, happiness, harmony and prosperity.