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Ocean Jasper is rare and only found in one location in north-western Madagascar. It’s a coveted stone of various colours including green, pink, yellow, white, orange and brown, beige, black, grey and red. Small scale spotted orbicular patterning, whorls and banding and bold colour combinations make Ocean Jasper highly desirable. 

You will receive one Ocean Jasper Tumbled Stone Medium-Large from the lot pictured size approximately 23-25mm, 10-15g.

Ocean Jasper is a calming stone of mindfulness and connectedness. On a holistic level, it attunes mental, physical and spiritual energies for overall health and well-being. Feel a sense of oneness as you allow the nurturing energy of Ocean Jasper to flow through your heart, healing emotional stress and fostering soul rejuvenation and vitality.

High quality Ocean Jasper is difficult to obtain. Natural vugs are commonly found in the stone which is typically opaque and occasionally glassy in appearance. Interestingly, Jasper is derived from the Greek word 'iaspis' which means spotted stone.