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Smoky Obsidian is renowned among crystal practitioners for its ability to soothe all forms of grief. Originating from Arizona, this dark brown-black semi-translucent crystal gently alleviates the grief-stricken heart chakra, guiding one to release their sorrow and attain a deeper understanding of its source. It offers both comfort and insight, promoting forgiveness and the release of grievances against others.

You will receive one Smoky Obsidian Tumbled Stone Medium Grade AA from the lot pictured size approximately 24-30mm, 10-13g. 

Smoky Obsidian is formed from rapidly cooled lava nodules resulting in volcanic glass. As a dependable crystal ally, Smoky Obsidian stimulates analytical thinking and mental precision. It helps to dispel self-limiting beliefs and reunite the fragmented pieces of oneself that have been torn apart by trauma.

Pair Smoky Obsidian with Rose Quartz for additional heart nurturing qualities to further support emotional wellbeing and transition through the various stages of grief.