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Morganite is Pink Beryl (Aquamarine); a rare, exquisite stone that is heart-opening, heart-healing and a beacon for abundant love. As a crystal ally for compassion and heart-felt communication, Morganite encourages the expression of emotional desires to help mend and reconcile relationships.

You will receive one Morganite Raw Natural Stone EQ from the lots pictured size approximately:

Large: 28-34mm, 14.8-17.8g
Medium: 20-30mm, 9-12.7g
Small: 20-30mm, 6-8g
XS: 15-25mm, 3-5g

This raw natural Morganite from Pakistan is pale pink - near colourless. The pieces are all different shapes and retain a little organic white matrix. This is a hard-to-find, crystal keepsake in an extra quality grade. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below.

Use Morganite in new business ventures to establish presence and to uphold fairness in all dealings.

Nurture the heart and soul with Morganite in crystal healing, with the heart chakra or sacred practices that promote self-love, loving thoughts and most importantly to remind us we are worthy of unconditional love.