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Rainbow Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral like Labradorite which is typically gemmy and translucent, and may display flashes of colour including white, rainbow or blue when turned towards the light. Rainbow Moonstone is known as a traveller’s stone and calls in Moon energy offering clarity and intuition. It is a calming stone and is associated with the female reproductive cycle, fertility and moon rituals and new beginnings.

You will receive one Rainbow Moonstone Raw Natural Stone from the lots pictured size approximately:

L1: 55-75 x 25-40mm, 143-170g
L2: 57-80 x 24-35mm, 98-118g
L3: 43-70 x 14-32mm, 63-82g

This Indian Rainbow Moonstone is rough cut into big chunks and remains unpolished. Most have minor pops of blue flash with contrasting smoky and Black Feldspar patterining, some pieces are more white. To appreciate the full spectacle of any flash, rotate the crystal in a well lit area or use the phone light to easily spot pops of colour. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below.

In addition to traditional Moonstone qualities, Rainbow Moonstone is a Goddess crystal and ideal for Priestesses and those who seek to connect with the Divine Feminine.

Like the adularescence in traditional Orthoclase Moonstones, Rainbow Moonstone’s labradorescence produces a shimmery, glowing lustre which captures and scatters the light and sparkles beneath the stone’s surface.

Rainbow Moonstone may have black and smoky Feldspar inclusions and occasionally blue rods or needles which add beauty and variety to this magical stone.