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Malacolla is a potent combination stone of Malachite and Chrysocolla that together are a powerhouse for protection, detoxification and transformation. 

You will receive the one Malacolla Polished Crystal Energy Stone Grade AA as pictured size approximately 104 x 44 x 40mm, 352g. This high grade African Congo Malacolla freeform is an ideal size to use an energy stone and decorative mineral specimen. It features two incredible botryoidal vugs that provide a closer look inside the stone.

The vibrant colours look so good together and the level of patterning is something to behold. You have the classic rainbow-shaped Malachite that ripples around the sides of the stone and is surrounded by pools of saturated Chrysocolla.

Whether you've been looking for a special Malacolla specimen for your crystal practices or are simply drawn to the natural beauty of Malacolla, this impressive keepsake piece is sure to please.

The lush bright green Malachite and vibrant turquoise blue Chrysocolla blend in beautiful unity forming unique patterns, orbs and vugs that are unique and captivating.

Known as a stone for connecting to the Divine Feminine, Malacolla is balancing, calming and an effective crystal to enhance communication. Use Malacolla to release negative energies, reduce stress, tap into Goddess energy and wisdom and bring more harmony into your life.