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Larimar is a rare blue Pectolite found only in the Caribbean’s Dominican Republic. It is a soothing, harmonizing stone that exudes peace, tranquility and self-love. Larimar is a heart stone of spirituality, truth, ancient wisdom, soul guidance and empowerment.

You will receive the one Larimar Polished Crystal Shell Cabachon as pictured size approximately 31 x 31 x 8mm, 16g. This pretty Larimar crystal sea shell has the classic Larimar blue tones with a little contrasting white and those lovely water-like patterns. It is polished flat and smooth on the reverse side as a cabachon.

This emotionally balancing blue stone is also known as Atlantis, Dolphin, Caribbean or Stefilia’s Stone. As a potent throat chakra crystal, Larimar facilitates honesty and open communication. It is useful for introspection, relationships and as a talisman to find a soulmate. It can have a mix of white, light-bright aqua blue and green or red inclusions. The high demand and limited supply of Larimar makes this one of the most coveted and valuable crystals today.

Use Larimar as a third-eye meditation stone and to support restful sleep. In times of change, Larimar is a trusted crystal ally. Its calming qualities soothe stress and the rippled water-like patterns transports the imagination to far-away tropical destinations.

Larimar is a photosensitive stone which should not be stored or displayed for prolonged durations in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Due to the type of the stone, some natural texture, pitting or grooves with minimal matrix may be be present.