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Lapis Lazuli is a deep-sapphire blue metamorphic rock that has been beloved since ancient times for its vivid colour, beauty and powerful properties. A high frequency stone, Lapis Lazuli typically contains the minerals Lazurite, Calcite and Pyrite. It is known as a wisdom keeper that illuminates truth and the inner self. It is recognized as a tool for spiritual transformation and alignment.

You will receive the one Lapis Lazuli Polished Crystal Pendant Oval Sterling Silver Grade A pictured size approximately 23.9 x 13.8mm (bale 8.2mm), 2.80g. This is a high-grade crystal pendant expertly polished into an aesthetically pleasing oval shape with an open back design. The pendant is secured with a stamped 925 sterling silver bale/bail with a generously sized opening - perfect to slide onto your favourite chain.

This listing is for one pendant only and is not supplied with a chain.

Crystal pendants are beautiful, functional pieces of jewellery that help you to naturally entrain with the crystal's energy creating a close, unique and special energetic bond and connection with the stone.

This Lapis Lazuli pendant with golden Pyrite micro inclusions is a small size cabachon surrounded with dual entwined straps of sterling silver.

Since Lapis activates the third eye chakra, it’s a wonderful crystal to incorporate into visioning exercises. Use Lapis on the third eye to heighten awareness and intuition. With practice, you will develop deeper self-trust and clarity on your truest desires.

Lapis Lazuli accesses soul knowledge for spiritual insight and new perspectives. Through meditation, observe with a clear mind any messages that arise about your spiritual purpose. Allowing and trusting your deepest desires to emerge like divine guidance can be the cornerstone for how you set your intentions.

Prior to the nineteenth century, Lapis was ground into powder to make ultramarine pigment which was prized by Renaissance painters. Ancient Egyptians used Lapis extensively for jewellery, ornaments and amulets. Cleopatra coated her eyelids with powdered Lapis as a symbol of her dominance and truth.

Lapis Lazuli may be positioned on the forehead to sooth tension from headaches and placed alongside the temples to ease eye strain. When Pyrite is present in Lapis, it may be used to harmonize the third eye and solar plexus chakras.