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Kunzite is a green, lilac or pink striated variety of Spodumene which is a source of Lithium. Pink Kunzite is a heart-opening and nurturing crystal that is known as the Woman’s Stone. It has protective qualities and can be helpful for relationships, strengthening romantic commitments and as a love seeking talisman.

You will receive the one Kunzite Polished Crystal Pendant Oval Sterling Silver Grade A pictured size approximately 34.2 x 10.7mm (bale 11mm), 15.29g. This is a high-grade crystal pendant expertly polished into an aesthetically pleasing oval shape with partially open back design. The pendant is secured with a stamped 925 sterling silver bale/bail with a generously sized opening - perfect to slide onto your favourite chain.

This listing is for one pendant only and is not supplied with a chain.

Crystal pendants are beautiful, functional pieces of jewellery that help you to naturally entrain with the crystal's energy creating a close, unique and special energetic bond and connection with the stone.

Pink Kunzite is an excellent crystal for girls approaching puberty to help them embrace physical and emotional changes. Equally, it is a potent crystal ally for new mothers and motherhood in general. Pink Kunzite has a soothing energy for calming nervousness. It is an emotionally balancing crystal that supports mindfulness and reinforces self-love, compassion and tenderness.

Pink and Lilac Kunzite are suitable for enhancing heart-mind connection, developing deeper joy, empathy, open communication, spiritual awareness, intuition, channelling wisdom, guidance, kindness and universal love.

Lilac Kunzite is known to be a stone to help find a kindred life partner. It also protects against harmful energies and brings closure to past relationships.

Pink and Lilac Kunzite are coloured from Manganese and when coloured with Chromium, Green Kunzite is known as Hiddenite; the ‘evolution’ crystal as it promotes spiritual awareness and connection with nature and the Earth. Hiddenite amplifies love and is a soulmate attracting stone with soothing qualities for coping with loss.

All Kunzite should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.