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K2 is a rare, high vibration combination stone of blue Azurite spotted granite. It is only found in a remote area in the Karakoram mountain range which borders China and Pakistan. This typically creamy-white-grey stone is easily identifiable with the bright blue blooms of Azurite that dot across the stone’s surface along with black flecks of Biotite.

You will receive one K2 Stone Tumbled Stone Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately:

XL: 25-34mm, 21.6-24.6g
Large: 25-33mm, 15-20g
Medium: 27-31mm, 10-14g
Small: 26mm, 8.8g

This collection of rare K2 Stone features a white-light-grey granite, Biotite and Azurite inclusions. The stones are smoothly polished into irregular shaped tumbles and retain minimal texture here and there which is natural and consistent with this type of mineral. Some have faint green Malachite inclusions. The price of K2 has risen considerably over the last few years and no doubt will continue to rise given its exclusive location, supply and high altitude challenges with limited access and resources for mining. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below.

Work with K2 stone when balance and overall spiritual, physical harmony and emotional wellness is needed. K2 is known as a personal and group harmonizing stone that fosters communication and synergy. K2 encourages us to stay grounded as we develop our inner wisdom and connection to our higher self and the universe.

Heart and third chakra activating, K2 supports spiritual growth and deeper intuition. It is an incredibly comforting stone that empowers you to tap into your sacred wisdom with a sense of expansiveness and foresight to manifesting your divine path.

Green inclusions in K2 are Malachite which typically forms alongside Azurite and other copper-based minerals like Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla and Shattuckite.