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Iolite is a rare, deep indigo blue gem cordierite stone that has been used since the Viking Age as a talisman for safe passage. Iolite carries the energy of foresight, helping us to visualise and hone our intuition and mystic abilities. It is a useful stone for the priestess, or anyone seeking to connect and explore goddess energies.

You will receive one Iolite Tumbled Stone Large from the lot pictured size approximately 28-33mm, 15-20g. This Iolite displays micro shimmery sparkles and occasional tiny surface pitting and light crazing.

Use Iolite with the third eye and throat chakras for deeper insight, direction, clarity and greater heart-mind alignment. Iolite is also known as water sapphire due to the water-like ripples that can be seen across its surface.

High-quality gemmy Iolite will gently sparkle and may display tinges of orange with metallic flecks which come from Sunstone. The rare combination of Iolite and Sunstone is known as Fire Iolite and this is a stone of duality and exceptional beauty.