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Hematite is a metallic silver iron oxide mineral that has a reflective surface when polished. It is a powerful grounding and protective stone with a calm and stabilizing earthy energy.

You will receive one Hematite Tumbled Stone XL-XXL EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 24-28mm, 27-36g. These are extra quality, heavy Hematite stones selected for overall consistent metallic silver colour and no little spots of rust which is common with tumbled Hematite. Super tactile and grounding.

Also known as Haematite, the magnetic qualities of this stone can activate the base chakra and be used to anchor into Earth’s energy. Hematite attracts success and can boost confidence and bravery. It has a harmonizing effect on the body and is supportive in times of dispute.

The mirrored surface of Hematite was used to foresee the future and can also deflect hostility.

Do not carry or wear Hematite if you have a pacemaker.