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Green Banded Onyx is a natural, light translucent green stone with layers of white bands. It is calming, rebalancing and heart healing. Considered a talisman of spiritual wisdom and strength, Green Banded Onyx is an ideal crystal for spiritual leadership.

You will receive one Green Banded Onyx Polished Mini Bowl from the lot pictured or similar batch of equal quality size approximately 50 x 20mm, 33-40g. These little crystal bowls are ideal vessels for mini crystals, small pieces of jewellery or other tiny treasures! Each bowl is beautiful and unique.

Use Green Banded Onyx for balance and connection to your higher self. As your spiritual path unfolds, call upon the soothing energies of Green Banded Onyx for empowerment and guidance.

As a heart stone, bring Green Banded Onyx into your daily sacred practice to fortify your emotional wellbeing and help ease anxiety in times of uncertainty.

Sourced from Pakistan, Green Banded Onyx is an agate variety of quartz and chalcedony that may have burnt orange or caramel coloured inclusions that enhance their natural beauty.