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Golden Healer is an ultra-high vibrational self-empowerment quartz crystal. This luminous gemstone primarily resonates with the solar plexus chakra and the base and crown chakras due to the Hematite inclusions. Depending on the amount of iron oxide present during formation, Golden Healer crystals can be pale to bright yellow or more towards mustard gold tones.

You will receive the one Golden Healer Quartz Polished Point as pictured size approximately 67mm x 33mm, 82g. This is a light filled Golden Healer Quartz polished point with translucent flowing internal layers and sparkle. There are plenty of little rainbows and defined mineral lines of varying golden tones in what is a captivating piece that will have you blissing out as you explore it. This point has beautiful bevelled edges and has a minor smoothed-over spot underneath the base which is not visible when on display.

Golden Healer is known to be powerfully healing and stabilising as it cleanses and energises all chakras. This crystalline source of golden yellow radiates light and sun energy. It calms, harmonizes and uplifts, protecting against toxic behaviours or negative emotions that contribute to unhappiness and complacency.

Working with Golden Healer Quartz will help to elevate your energetic vibration. It provides a path of enlightenment for soul alignment and spiritual expansion where you can rise and live as your higher self and do so with grace and confidence.