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Golden Yellow Fluorite is a rare crystal that may evoke a sense of optimism, creativity, unity and security with its cheerful, eye catching colour and vibrancy. The bright honey-gold tones of Yellow Fluorite connect with the solar plexus chakra to dispel insecurity, spark imagination and bring clarity to thought.

You will receive one Fluorite Golden Yellow Tumbled Stone XLP Grade AA from the lot pictured size approximately 29-33mm, 24.6-30g. These rare Golden Yellow Fluorite tumbled stones are much harder to source in this bigger extra large plus size. They are bright, translucent and gemmy with light-filled layers and occasional pale banding.

Ideal for groups or entrepreneurial modern mystics seeking to align commercial and spiritual interests. Use Golden Yellow Fluorite whenever you need a positivity boost and keep one close by as a reminder that as you choose to brightly shine your light in this world, you are uplifting humanity.