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Selenite is a white, fibrous gypsum that is a highly practical tool for energetic cleansing. A must-have crystal, Selenite can swiftly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Selenite can be used to sweep around the exterior of the body for fast, efficient cleansing of unwanted energies.

You will receive the one Fishtail Selenite Rare Mineral Specimen as pictured size approximately 125 x 105 x 50mm, 501g. This is a large and rare Fishtail Selenite from Mexico that has all over luminous glow which is typical of high-grade Selenite.

Fishtail Selenite is also known as Angel Wing Selenite for peace, happiness, purifying energy, light, source attunement and sacred space rituals. It has a satiny, pearly lustre that reflects light so beautifully.

This unique specimen from the Mexican Naica Mine displays feathered, bladed Selenite that fans out into naturally pointed terminations. Please view the photographs for closer inspection. A highly collectible Fishtail Selenite from the famous Cave of Swords in Naica, Mexico that I am thrilled to offer to you.

Selenite's calming energy is ideal for restful sleep, mental well-being, clarity and resounding peace. Avoid using water with any Selenite.