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Epidote is an olive-green crystal that forms in blades and is best known for encouraging optimism. This green crystalline beauty is a beacon of hope and awareness as it helps you to discern where transformation is required and inspires you towards your goals.

You will receive one Epidote Raw Natural Stone Large from the lot pictured size approximately 24-30mm. These chunks of raw Epidote are from the Australian Harts Ranges. The colour is deep olive-green and they are so lovely!

An emotionally nurturing crystal for the heart chakra, Epidote compassionately supports us towards trust and awakening ourselves to new opportunities and ways of thought. It dispels negativity and self-criticism and opens the mind, body and soul to greater self-care and self-love.

When we shift our perception and allow change to occur, we can begin to articulate our true desires from an abundance mindset. By setting intentions with clarity, use Epidote to remove boundaries and manifest success and wealth into your life.

Please note this type of raw crystal may be prone to minor flaking which is completely normal. Store separately away from other stones to prevent damage.