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Dumortierite is a calming, blue stone that is best known to be a crystal ally in times when focus and tolerance is required. It is said to enhance self-discipline with learning and improve self-confidence and self-expression.

You will receive one Dumortierite Dark Tumbled Stone Large from the lot pictured size approximately 28-31mm, 15-17g. These dark blue Dumortierite tumbled stones offer something different to the traditional Dumortierite with deep indigo tones and natural patterning. An excellent choice for visioning work - this is an unusual find and welcome addition to a sacred space and crystal practitioner's toolkit.

When greater insight is sought, Dumortierite invites karmic clearing and may be used for past life recall and Akashic Record access. Dumortierite awakens the third eye and is suitable to use with the brow and throat chakras.

Dumortierite helps to bring a positive attitude towards life by reminding us to overcome negative thought patterns with more self-love, resulting in peace and a better vision for ourselves.