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Dolomite is a naturally soothing and stabilising crystal for relaxation and manifestation that is energetically balancing and grounding. This light pastel pink mineral can also be found in tones of cream, white, tan and grey and has a calming presence resonating with the base and heart chakras.

You will receive one Dolomite Raw Natural Crystal Mineral Specimen from the lots pictured size approximately:

L1 - 64-98 x 47-75mm, 128-159g
L2 - 55-77 x 40-75mm, 91-119g
L3 - 50-70 x 35-55mm, 57-84g

The depth of these specimens ranges from 15-35mm.

All of the Dolomites in this collection are gorgeous! Some have little speckled metallic inclusions and there is a nice range of colours and sizes to suit differents needs and budget.

Choose your preferred Domomite Crystal by matching the Lot and #number via the options menu below

Emotionally harmonising, Dolomite helps to ease anxiety and stress and promoting comfort, stability, stamina, clarity and peace. It is a wonderful addition to any sacred space or crystal practice with the myriad of small points radiating gentle energy.