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Dalmation Stone is an earthy, cream, black spotted quartz known to protect, heal and rekindle your sense of delight in times of stress, uncertainty and isolation. Dalmation Stone is also known as Dalmation Jasper. However, this mineral is not a Jasper, rather a form of Perthite and the black spots are Arfvedsonite, a rare mineral inclusion.

You will receive two pieces of Dalmation Stone Tumbled Stone S-M from the lot pictured size approximately 24-48mm, 5-9g. This group of Dalmation Stone Tumbled Stone is polished into irregular shapes has a combination of black spots and speckles of brown against a creamy, neutral base.

Use Dalmation Stone to bring emotional balance, stability and joy into your life and home. Dalmation Stone has a calming influence with pets and is a useful stone in working environments where it can support collaboration and idea development. Dalmation Stone is a suitable stone for the base chakra.