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Cobaltoan Calcite is a comforting pink crystal that soothes and supports emotional wellbeing. This rare form of Calcite offers gentle energetic cleansing andis an ideal crystal ally for self-compassion, forgiveness, self-love, acceptance and self-worth.

You will receive one Cobaltoan Tumbled Stone from the lots pictured size approximately:

XXL: 26-27mm, 30-33g
Large: 21-30mm, 15.9-20.6g
Medium: 20-28mm, 9-13g
Small: 18-23mm, 5-8g

This collection of rare Cobaltoan Calcite features a mix of cream to light and rosy pink. The tumbles are polished with some minor natural texture and surface pitting remaining which is consistent with this type of mineral. Please zoom in on the product photographs for a closer look. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below.

Pink Calcites are associated with unconditional love and Cobaltoan Calcite (aka Cobalto Calcite, Salrose), with its pale to bright pink hues opens the heart chakra for deep, restorative work. Use Cobaltoan Calcite for inner child forgiveness, releasing self-doubt and harmful self-talk. Allow love to flow abundantly when meditating with Cobalto Calcite and be open to insights and natural developments of spiritual abilities. 

Cobaltoan Calcite is found in Morocco and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa.