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Clear Quartz is a popular, high-vibration crystal known for its clarity-giving abilities. Made of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and piezoelectric, Clear Quartz is an amplifier and unlike any other crystal, can be programmed for manifestation. 

You will receive one x 15g bag of XS Clear Quartz Tumble Stones Grade A from the lot pictured with a mix of stones, size approximately 3-10mm x 5mm. The listing is based on weight (roughly 22-24 stones) and all the stones have been checked for quality. This is an ideal size to use with crystal grids or gem elixirs.

Crystal mini chips are tiny tumbled pieces of crystal that are byproducts of the rock tumbling process. Crystal chips are much smaller than standard tumbled stones and are more like like grains. Please check the sizing.

Clear Quartz connects and harmonizes all chakras making it a universal healer.

Since quartz is a silicate mineral which amplifies energy, keep it away from sources of electromagnetic radiation like computers.