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Cinnabar Peridotite is a black combination stone with red and green circular patterning that is a stone of perspective, vitality, persuasiveness, and manifestation. Peridotite contains Olivine and formed over 3.5 billion years ago, deep inside volcanic pipes hundreds of kilometres beneath the earth’s surface. Cinnabar is the red component of this combination stone that is known as the merchant’s stone and one of alchemy. It may be placed in areas where money and transactions are made to facilitate cash-flow and increase income.

You will receive one Cinnabar Peridotite Tumbled Stone Medium from the lot pictured, size approximately 22-24mm, 8.9-13g.

Use Cinnabar Peridotite to promote assertiveness, remove hindrances and clear outdated obligations. It helps you to connect to the present moment, attract prosperity and manifest what you need.

Cinnabar Peridotite protects against bitterness and jealousy and is a useful stone to carry to avoid deception and promote fair transactions. Cinnabar Peridotite is safe to handle however it contains trace amounts of Mercury so please wash your hands after use.