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At a glance, the lush greens and blues of Chrysocolla look like a fertile planet Earth bursting with abundant foliage and plentiful water. Throughout history Chrysocolla has been associated with the divine feminine and harnessing the creative potential of women. It is a stone of harmony and flow making it useful for conflict resolution and union. 

You will receive the one Chrysocolla Polished Crystal Palm Stone Large Grade AA pictured size approximately 48 x 37mm, 55g. This thick Peruvian Chrysocolla Palm Stone features jewelled teal blue green stones displaying rich colour and natural patterning. Chrysocolla has a smooth polish yet still retains a slight texture and occasional surface marking which is consistent with this type of mineral.

The calming energy and natural beauty of Chrysocolla reminds us we have the whole world in our hands. Use Chrysocolla for empowerment and truthful communication. Call on your creative muse to imaginatively express your potential and remember to love yourself in the process. Too often, the ego can try to hold us back. Here, Chrysocolla is your crystal ally for self-love and courage.

In meditation, hold Chrysocolla and visualize the release of any negative patterns of self-judgement or emotional abuse. Imagine feeling confident and abundant as you share your artistry, truth and wisdom in a heartfelt, potent way.

Chrysocolla is an ore of copper. It's a relatively fragile stone and may be stabilized during polishing with a non-reactive clear sealant. Because it’s not easily tumbled, Chrysocolla may have pits. Brownish / red spots in Chryscolla indicates the inclusion of Cuprite.