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Chiastolite is a type of Andalusite containing graphite particles that naturally form a black cross. It is best known as a spiritually protective, dimensional bridge and stone of mediumship. The ancient symbol of north, south, east and west holds a central fusion point of energy, as in the middle of the cross, and here, the Chiastolite radiates life force, attracting harmony and health.

You will receive one Chiastolite Tumbled Stone Medium Grade A from the lot pictured size approximately 20-25mm, 11.8-14g. This is a high-grade gemmy Chiastolite which features a natural black cross on each stone.

Use Chiastolite as a crystal ally for transitions, journeying outside the body and soul protection during death and rebirth. Chiastolite’s earthy vibration resonates with the earth star, base and sacral chakras. Chiastolite is emotionally stabilizing, calming and can facilitate change and help to trust judgement.