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Charoite is a rare, high vibration purple crystal used for insight, courage and strength. With light to dark swirls, bands and orbs of purple, feathery, silvery-white pearly (sometimes chatoyant) inclusions, it is often found combined with black Aegerine, a protective stone which is useful for self-discovery journeys and acceptance.

You will receive one Charoite Tumbled Stone Small Grade A+ from the lot pictured size approximately 17-24mm, 5.4-8.6g.

Charoite is recognised as the Warrior Stone and carries violet flame energy for spirituality, source wisdom and healing. It is an excellent crystal ally for overall wellbeing, energy renewal, relaxation, calming and stress relief.

Charoite heals emotional fears helping to overcome adversity and worries associated with isolation, loneliness, ailments and mortality.

Use Charoite for greater intuition, perspective, vivid dreams and deeper connection and acceptance of yourself, others and your life. This deeply spiritual stone reminds us to go with the flow and embrace change with grace as transformation and expansion is part of our soul’s journey.

As an energetic tool, Charoite reinforces telepathic bonds and is suitable for crown and heart chakra crystal healing practices. Found in one location at the Chara River in Russia, Charoite is in extremely limited supply. In rare specimens you may find green or clear among the purple. Pale orange or brown in Charoite is typically Tinaksite.