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You will receive one Card Deck: Chakra Love by Katie Mankeshaw. These cards are brand new and unopened in a sealed box.

Chakra Love
Mini Inspiration Cards
By: Katie Mankeshaw

Learn which crystals create more energetic flow and balance in your chakra system and raise your vibrations. Your seven chakras are energetic centres of power and wisdom that influence all aspects of your life and the world around you.

When your chakras are aligned and in balance you'll experience your purest self and awaken in a new sense of well-being. By working closely with the Chakra Love cards you'll gain a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment and healing.

Janelle’s view: This deck of mini-inspiration features 40 full-coloured cards. There are 5 cards for each chakra (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and crown) with a key word, message and matching crystal type. The set also includes 5 chakra balancing cards with an overall concept and matching crystals. The reverse card design is a unique illustrated watercolour mineral themed image. Each glossy card has rounded corners making it easy to shuffle and hold and there are instructions for use printed on the inner lid of the magnetic box. The box itself is sturdy and can be propped open by standing all the cards against the raised cover giving you the ideal display for your chosen card. Mini decks are practical energy tools for the space conscious as they take up little room on an altar or in a sacred space and this deck stores away neatly when not in use. The Chakra Love deck is a pocket-sized energy tool for mindfulness and creating more energetic flow. The instructions suggest wearing the relevant crystal for additional chakra healing and you could also do a simple body placement and/or carry the crystal to further raise your vibration. Highly recommended. 

About the Author

I Love Chakra was founded in 2006 by Katie Manekshaw. Her interest in yoga and growing attraction to these powerful stones has taken her down a spiritual path and I Love Chakra was born on this journey.

Katie is passionate about the chakra system particularly when associated with the use of crystals. Her light hearted yet grounded approach to spirituality is always uplifting and fun. Her incredibly intuitive nature has been proven over and over again in one to one intuitive chakra readings. Katie and her team love crystals and believe in their powerful vibrational properties to support an individual’s energetic balance via the chakra system, and craft them into gorgeous and unique personalised crystal jewellery.

Compact magnetic rigid box
40 full-colour cards, rounded corner cut, full-gloss cardstock
Dimensions (cm): 10.0 x 5.2 x 2.54

Please note: The crystals and beaded gems pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing.