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Caribbean Calcite is a light aqua blue Calcite from Pakistan that is combined with taupe and white Aragonite.

The name Caribbean Calcite is apt for this beautiful mineral that mesmerizes and captures the imagination with dreamy, tropical destinations with tranquil, crystal blue water and white sandy beaches.

You will receive the one Caribbean Calcite Polished Crescent Moon as pictured size approximately 100 x 38 x 10mm, 105g. This Caribbean Calcite moon is a beautiful display item for any sacred space or altar and can double as a plate to hold other crystals and mini grids.

Caribbean Calcite is a stone of serenity that connects the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Its calming and soothing qualities conjure feelings of bliss and reassurance in stressful times. This is a wonderful crystal ally for meditation, relaxation, dreaming and spiritual guidance.