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Orange Calcite is a highly energizing stone of rejuvenation and vitality. Like all calcite, Orange Calcite is cleansing, and additionally, it is emotionally balancing. Its bright orange colour evokes happiness and calls in Sun energy, making it a wonderfully uplifting tool to use when experiencing feelings of melancholy. 

You will receive one Orange Calcite Raw Natural Stone Grade A from the lots pictured size approximately:

XL: 40-50mm, 29.5-35g
Large: 30-50mm, 19.5-26.5g
Medium Pair: 20-45mm, 9-17.5g
Small Pack: 12-28mm, 0.5-8g (6-12 pcs per 50g pack) non customisable

This Mexican Orange Calcite bursts with vibrant orange colour with little to no white inclusions. The uplifting energy of Orange Calcite brightens any room or sacred space with its positive presence. Choose your preferred crystal size via the options menu below.

At times we may need to feel more optimistic about life and here, Orange Calcite is an ideal crystal ally to support emotional wellbeing.

Use Orange Calcite to boost your self-esteem and call forth your creative muse as this stone is excellent for creative pursuits and harnessing your imagination.

A stone for sacral and base chakras, align with Orange Calcite’s positive energy for fresh inspiration and sexual vibrancy.