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Bumblebee Jasper or Eclipse Stone is a rare, combination mineral from Java, Indonesia. Its vibrant to pale yellow and grey black patterning forms with volcanic sediment, Sulphur, Hematite, Arsenic, Anhydrite and Calcite and is geologically considered an Agate vs a Jasper.

Eclipse Stone has a potent, earthy and fiery energy. It is a stone for self-esteem, motivation, manifestation, transformation, new opportunities and creativity.

You will receive one Bumblebee Jasper Eclipse Tumbled Stone Medium EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 22-34mm, 13-14g. This is a vibrant, high-grade Eclipse Stone with contrasting yellow, grey and black patterning. All stones are unique with varying patterns and colour.

Use Eclipse Stone for energizing and breathing life into your intentions. Suitable for the base and sacral chakras and grid work. Eclipse Stone is porous and often contains vugs. The dust from this stone is toxic however when polished, this mineral is considered stable and safe. Because Eclipse Stone is difficult to obtain from dangerous conditions, and due to its rarity, is a higher priced collectable mineral. Always wash hands after handling and do not use in elixirs.